International Historical and Military Films Festival

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The 8th Internation Historical And Military Films Festival - organized by Copyright Projects Foundation ARS CREATORI - is a non-commercial event supports the restoration of knowledge about the national and military history of Central and Eastern Europe. No one chooses the past from which our future arises, but we can all learn from it, especially from historical films, and make sure that the tragedies ot the past are never repeated. The festival held in Warsaw is an open forum for the meditation of creators, producers, distributors and the public on the past and it's warnings.

In 2017 a special event closed for the previous laureates of past festivals is the screenplay competition for the 6' DOCUMENTARY FILMS THUMBNAILS, as a film reflections dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Poland's Independence in 1918. Details are at website www.arscreatori.pl. We hope to see films realized in the year according to award winning scenarios.

23 October, 2017 to 27 October, 2017
International Historical and Military Films Festival
Museum Of The X Pavilon of the Warsaw Citadel, Skazańców 25
01-532 Warsaw
52° 16' 0.6276" N, 21° 0' 2.0736" E