International Festival of Contemporary Circus and Theatre LETNI LETNA Prague

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A unique line-up of international contemporary circus stars, the largest festival of Czech circus and theatre companies, clown shows, open-air performances, concerts, film screenings, workshops, discussions, exhibitions and extensive program for kids. All of that and even more brought to you by the upcoming 14th edition of the festival Letní Letná, held from August 17 to September 3 at its traditional location in Letná Park. In the tradition of the previous editions, the festival shall offer a fine-drawn and diverse program, presenting the most recent pieces created in the Czech Republic and around Europe, many of them as premieres. A number of original circus tents will host companies with international reputation and prominent awards to their credit. The 2017 edition shall also see the comeback of a unique art nouveau circus tent brought all the way from Belgium, the so-called Magic Mirror aka Spiegeltent. In this extraordinary space, the audience will get the chance to see the headliners of the 14th edition, the Canadian company Cirque Alfonse with BARBU. Letní Letná also has a strong tradition of presenting the fruits of Czech contemporary circus, offering the audience a chance to get acquainted with the latest Czech creation in all its diversity. Yet another festival hallmark is its focus on kids. Keeping the bar of the previous years high, the 2017 festival will offer diverse programme for children of all age categories, luring them into the colourful world weaved of fairy tales and stories, wow moments, magic, music and motion. The extremely popular Letňák, a summer festival school for kids from 6 to 15, will once again be part of the programme: in the form of a summer city camp, children will get the chance to learn the basis of acting, juggling, visual arts and voice mastering from leading professionals in the respective fields. Those who can only take part during weekends can try the day-off concept of Leňáček+. Devoted to contemporary circus, theatre, music and visual arts, Letní Letná is the only festival of its kind and scope in the Czech Republic and its Central-European vicinity. Launching off in 2004, within the 13 years of its existence, the festival has made an ineradicable mark on the cultural map of the Czech Republic and Europe. Despite the ever-growing programme and rising attendance rates, Letní Letná insists on protecting its unique relaxed atmosphere, one to reminisce the ancient world of traditional circuses, miles away from mass events and commercialism. CIRQUE ALFONSE - BARBU, LETNÍ LETNÁ 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-xwFWVzJNk

17 August, 2017 to 3 September, 2017
International Festival of Contemporary Circus and Theatre LETNI LETNA Prague
Letenské sady
170 00 Prague
Czech Republic
50° 5' 44.34" N, 14° 25' 12.3168" E