International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama

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The “International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama” is a distinct cultural event with an international character, hosting for 2 decades in Cyprus theatre companies from all over the world to present ancient Greek drama in their own language. The performances are presented in open-air amphitheatres, such as the Ancient Odeon in Paphos, the Curium Ancient Theatre in Limassol and the Makarios III or “Skali” Amphitheatres in Nicosia, during the whole month of July every year. Performances bear an intense coloring of the performers’ country and the mosaic that is being created opens a dialogue with contemporary stages and an international audience. Each year the Festival grows, acquiring its own multicultural character since it hosts theatre groups coming from different cultural backgrounds and it is now widely acknowledged as one of the most important cultural institutions of the island. During the last years, the Festival has developed significantly: it has broadened its scope, by providing space for the embracement of innovation through classical works, as well as the promotion of contemporary creation through staging ancient Greek drama. It has also expanded its audiences, local and foreign, by presenting performances with English and Greek surtitles. Moreover, it has given the broader part of society access to artistic creation and stimulated local creativity. The theatre companies that participate in the Festival’s programme come from different countries. Most of them come from European countries such as Greece, the U.K., Germany, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Sweden including Cyprus. However, there has been participation from the U.S.A., Russia, Korea, China and Israel as well. The performances, many of which are original in their approach, project the uniqueness of ancient Greek drama but also bear an intense colouring of the culture of the country from which they come. The “International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama” is co-organized by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation. Since 2014 all the performances of the “International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama” are included in the official program “European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017”. Τhe “International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama” has been honored with the EFFE Label 2015-2016 and the EFFE Label 2017-2018.

2 July, 2017 to 28 July, 2017
International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama