Interferences International Theatre Festival

Interferences International Theatre Festival
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Interferences reminds us first of all of an amazing luminous phenomenon that produces patterns of light that spread like waves which surprise and surpass our imagination, but that is visible to the naked eye. If two coherent waves coming from two different sources meet, points are created in space and these can either strengthen or extinguish each other: the identity of the Cluj Interferences Festival can be described by this spectacular dialogue of lights.
The Interferences International Theatre Festival, organized by the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj is held every other year, and aims at bringing together performances that come from different cultural backgrounds, but that are coherent from the point of view of their aesthetic endeavours. The Festival sets a high value on free, open discussions with the creators of those performances that bring the most exciting endeavours of contemporary theatre to the Cluj audience, and facilitates the meeting of theatre artists, critics, and scholars from all over the world. In addition to theatre performances, book presentations, exhibitions, workshops, concerts, and café forums all contribute to making the Festival a major cultural event of the city and an important theatre festival in Romania.

1 January, 2017
Interferences International Theatre Festival
Str. Emil Isac nr. 26-28
400023 Cluj-Napoca