H.C. Andersen Festivals

H.C. Andersen Festivals
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Light, sound, art, music, imagination and surprise - welcome to H.C. Andersen Festivals. H.C. Andersen Festivals is about capturing the imagination. The week-long festival takes place in late August every year in the charming, historic city of Odense, Denmark. H.C. Andersen Festivals brings the city to life as it teems with 500 cultural and musical events for people of all ages, in celebration of the city's most famous son, writer Hans Christian Andersen. In the streets, parks and buildings, you'll find theatre performances, street art, concerts, lightshows, art exhibitions, storytelling, street performances and more. Started in 2013 by a group of business persons passionate about their city, the majority of the festival is free, made possible by the support of a range of sponsors and the dedication of the festival's many volunteers. The festival's catchphrase is 'Anything can happen' (#altkanske), with energy, colour and spontaneity at its heart.

20 August, 2017
H.C. Andersen Festivals
Vintapperstraede 14, 1.
5000 Odense C 55° 23' 44.664" N, 10° 22' 59.1888" E