Haapavesi Folk Music Festival

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Haapavesi Folk Music Festival is celebrating its 30th anniversary 28.-30.6.2018. The program of the festival consists of high quality folk music acts all over the world. Most of the artists represent the Finnish folk music scene, but international artists from all around the world form an essential part of the programme every year. The music from Ireland and North America is in the spotlight every year among music from other different and sometimes exotique countries and cultures. In addition, children haven’t been forgotten when it comes to the selection of artists. The festival places a strong emphasis on education. Alongside concerts, workshops and seminars, folk music courses are offered for adults and children.

28 June, 2018 to 30 June, 2018
Haapavesi Folk Music Festival
Teknotalo 1B
86600 Haapavesi
64° 8' 12.1848" N, 25° 21' 49.8888" E