Festiwal Prapremier | Festival of New Dramaturgies

Festiwal Prapremier | Festival of New Dramaturgies
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The concept of “a premiere” has to be redefined and extended, taking into account the newest tendencies on the Polish and world stages as well as in performing arts. We no longer wish to use the word “premiere” to denote the first staging of a play. We want to focus the attention of the spectators at the new qualities in the dramaturgy of the plays, which emerge on the verge of new styles in acting, texts, phonic sphere and music, architecture and the visual sphere, movement and dance, new media, documentary and archival materials. Original arrangements, compositions and structures of these elements constitute their dramaturgic value. It is precisely within this area – the area of the new dramaturgies – where the most fascinating transformations take place and this is where we can witness the most vital phenomena within the European and the world theatre. We also want to redefine the concept of a premiere in terms of problems and subjects (without referring to the aesthetical context that is usually associated with this word) and connect it to the idea of initiating new social, political, economic and cultural projects, of putting forward some alternative solutions, other possible “worlds” and of vindicating categories such as “utopia” and “newness,” which have been often absent and excluded from the public debates (the post-modernist devaluation of the “newness,” the end of politics, the end of history). International programme By increasing the number of plays (9 Polish plays and 6 international plays from Croatia, Lebanon, Serbia, Great Britain) presented during the Festival, we expand its program with several plays by foreign artists (recognized as well as new ones, discovered by the Festival for the Polish audience) and we intend to invite foreign curators, critics, researchers and artistic managers, making the Festival a vital place for the promotion of Polish theatre and the exchange of ideas and opinions on theatre as such. International co-productions will also constitute an invaluable element of the Festival. Main themes The majority of the plays will be focused on a main theme which will problematize a different type of relation between dramaturgy and s specific phenomenon-problem (e.g. the dramaturgies of war, the dramaturgies of crisis and conflicts, the dramaturgies of utopias), by juxtaposing different types of approaches to these problems displayed by foreign and Polish artists. The most important theme of this year’s edition will be the dramaturgies of wars and conflicts.

23 September, 2017 to 30 September, 2017
Festiwal Prapremier | Festival of New Dramaturgies
Al. Mickiewicza 2
85-071 Bydgoszcz 53° 7' 53.436" N, 18° 0' 40.9932" E