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For 8 days at the end of June the Egadi islands become the focus of one of Sicily’s most important cultural festivals. Every year classical and jazz concerts, theatre and dance performances, readings, food-wine tasting aso by leading artists take place in remarkable locations on these unchanging islands: in quarries, on the beach, on boats, on clifftops, in the castle and in caves. A different theme is pursued each year; since 2015 it is “Odyssey”: Homer’s epic is read in full throughout the festival and give us reason to to go into Immigration and the Lost Home Country Theme in greater depth with the partecipation of a wide crowd of Artistis

24 June, 2017 to 2 July, 2017
Piazza Europa
91023 favignana
37° 55' 52.392" N, 12° 19' 38.5644" E