Festival Photo La Gacilly

Festival Photo La Gacilly
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La Gacilly, a village in images How can a mere village speak to the rest of the world? Why should a village of just 2,200 people be welcoming more than 300,000 visitors each year? These are the sort of questions people ask when they hear reports of the Festival Photo La Gacilly. The answers are simple: • the editorial team, • the quality of the subjects presented, • the harmony between landscape and photographs, • the accessibility of the culture on offer. These are the structural factors that ensure the Festival’s success. In recent years, the Festival Photo La Gacilly has become a key event in enhancing the power of attraction of Brittany, the Morbihan department and the La Gacilly area. It has given a real boost to the local economy. Thanks to its diversity, photography is therefore a vector of local development, bringing positive energies together for the benefit of the local community. The success of a festival of this kind is based on an “alchemy of the possible”, drawing on the support of our partners in the public and private sectors, as well as the teams of artists and technicians involved.

3 June, 2017
Festival Photo La Gacilly
rue des graveurs BP11
56200 La Gacilly