Festival F

Festival F
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Festival F is increasingly asserting itself as a festival of art and culture, maintaining Portuguese music as its main feature. Emerging national and regional music, the excellence of a space complemented by good food and the charm of signature handicrafts – these are the very best of what we have to offer and want to share with our public. In 2016, Festival F took place in a larger venue, making it more comfortable for the public since it was easier to move around between the various stages and to access the different attractions on offer at the festival. Apart from the music, these included literary discussions, political gatherings, stand-up comedy, art, cinema, handicrafts and a range of other entertainment options. In 2016, Festival F further strengthened the existing relationship between culture and heritage through the organisation of musical, political and literary gatherings, as well as stand-up comedy, art and cinema, always with the city's historical centre as backdrop. The third edition of the festival also included two highly successful initiatives that really made the event stand out: a space dedicated to street food and the "F Infantil" space for the youngsters. The latter positioned the festival as one of the few family-friendly festivals, featuring not only a different approach to ticketing but also a dedicated children's programme.

1 September, 2017 to 2 September, 2017
Festival F
Vila Adentro
8000 Faro Faro 37° 0' 46.5408" N, 7° 56' 3.7464" W