Faine Misto Festival

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Faine Misto is an international music festival held annually near Ternopil. This year it will take place on July 20-22 at the Ternopil Hippodrome. The history of Faine Misto started from a party of friends in 2013. The first festival was held on Chaika island in Ternopil at T.Shevchenko Park. In 2014, Faine Misto moved to the Ternopil airport, and since 2015, the festival is held at the Ternopil Hippodrome. The number of visitors has grown from 1,500 in the first year, to 20,000 unique visitors over 4-days in 2017. The year 2018 is special. Unlike previous years, the festival has grown from the usual musical event, to become a real megacity, a city of dreams for all, where everyone can, even for a few days, leave everyday problems behind and feel the energy of freedom, the crazy drive of life and make their vacation unforgettable. From now on, Faine Misto will have festival streets, squares and micro-districts with unique themes and physical spaces. It will now be a big, self-contained center, where everyone can join in building up the festival and feel like a citizen of “Faine Misto – Territory of Free People”. Faine Misto festival – remember this summer!

20 July, 2018 to 22 July, 2018
Faine Misto Festival
Тернопільський іподром, Тернопільська область, Україна
46000 Ternopil