Faine Misto Festival

Faine Misto Festival
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Faine Misto Festival is an international music festival which is being held annually in July since 2013. Faine Misto is one of few Ukrainian festivals where almost all music genres are mixed together: rock, alternative, folk, pop, dance music etc. The music is performed only by the best Ukrainian and foreign musicians on the four festival stages. In 2017 Faine Misto Festival will be held on the territory of Ternopil Hippodrome in July, 20-23.

20 July, 2017
Faine Misto Festival
Тернопільський іподром, Тернопільська область, Україна
46000 Ternopil 49° 35' 21.7788" N, 25° 28' 31.0008" E