European Film Forum SCANORAMA

European Film Forum SCANORAMA
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European Film Forum Scanorama is one of the most distinctive cultural events in Lithuania. The film festival has become the highlight of cultural life in fall every year. In November Scanorama visits the four largest cities of the country (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai). Extending over twenty days, it is a forum for films from all over Europe, presenting more than a hundred films by European directors of various formats and genres. Having started as a Nordic film festival back in 2003, Scanorama draws inspiration from both the cinema classics like Ingmar Bergman as well as such avant-garde cinema movements as Dogma’95. This is what determines that every year Scanorama boldly opens to viewers new territories of cinema, new names, and new directions and generations of filmmakers, at the same time looking back to the origins and traditions of cinema.

9 November, 2017
European Film Forum SCANORAMA
Goštautas st. 4
LT-01106 Vilnius