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On October 10, 2017, EUROPALIA kicks off, this time with a festival about Indonesia. A country about which little is known in Europe beyond its associations with rijsttafels, peanut sauce and Balinese beaches. All very lovely, but extremely limited and stereotypical… Together with dozens of artistic partners and curators from Indonesia and Europe, a programme was developed that not only offers compelling perspectives on the guest country, but also on ourselves. Both cultural heritage and contemporary projects are included, and once again, there is a strong focus on new creations and interactions between the Indonesian and European art scenes. 

EUROPALIA has been organising arts biennales, each focusing on a different guest country, since 1969. Its four-month multidisciplinary programme comprises hundreds of events throughout Belgium and in other European countries. EUROPALIA enthrals a broad European audience not only with exhibitions, but also the performing arts, music, literature, conferences and film. It turns the spotlight not only on big names, but also on talented newcomers. Heritage plays a significant part, but the contemporary scene is also generously covered; new creations and interaction between artists from the guest country and from Europe receive particular attention. The informative services offered to the public, with an especial accent on the young, tries to provide insights that avoid Eurocentrism. It stimulates open dialogue between cultures in an atmosphere of trust. EUROPALIA’s festivals bring about enduring cooperation between artistic partners. The projects travel both in and beyond Europe by means of an international network.

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