ESTAU | Estarreja Arte Urbana

ESTAU | Estarreja Arte Urbana
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Egas Moniz was passionate about Art. At the door of the house that dwelt in Estarreja, today we still read: "the great schools of fine arts are the museums. I wanted one in every town and in every village for the people to rise in spiritual communion of the beauty. "

In September 2016, Estarreja streets were transformed into a museum with ESTAU. A festival that brought Urban Art to speak with the city, with the people, with the heritage and nature through murals, installations, workshops, films, lectures, guided tours, music and more, all with the participation of numerous national and international artists.

9 September, 2017 to 17 September, 2017

ESTAU | Estarreja Arte Urbana
Praça de Francisco Barbosa
3860-356 Estarreja