Embassy Festival

Embassy Festival
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The Embassy Festival is an international event that spotlights the many different cultures that reside in The Hague through a bustling one-day outdoor programme of music, activities, art, theatre, culinary delights, debates and readings. Visitors are welcomed to explore foreign cultures and discover both modern and classic aspects of the many different cultures present. With all this cultural richness concentrated on the Lange Voorhout, the festival sets an important social statement; cultural diversity brings atmosphere and togetherness. This event has proven to be a perfect way to experience the different cultures in the world. At the festival internationally renowned artists will take the stage, some that have performed on BBC, are praised in The New York Times, or after years prove to be great discoveries, or that play in huge sold out stadiums in their homeland. The Embassy Festival also brings traditional culture and amateur art from all over the world along with the more progressive sound on the Contemporary Stage and the Classic Stage. In the Kids Compound children are entertained with a divers global programme. At the international market more than 40 countries are present, to literally give visitors a taste of their traditional culinary delights. The Embassy Festival shows a world where many cultures can relish peacefully side by side and are curious about each other. The Embassy Festival’s theme of global culture will sweep through The Hague on Saturday, 2nd of September 2017 for the fifth time. Countries and their regions will be represented by their embassies on the festival terrain and they will demonstrate the uniqueness of their culture at the Lange Voorhout. In short the Embassy Festival can be described as a cultural world trip in one day.

1 September, 2017 to 2 September, 2017
Embassy Festival
Lange Voorhout
2514 EE The Hague 52° 4' 56.6184" N, 4° 18' 43.8588" E