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Eistnaflug has been held annually since 2005 and is biggest of it‘s kind in Iceland i.e. festival were it‘s main focus is heavy metal, rock and other indie/rock music. Second weekend in July the population of Neskaupsstaður in East Iceland more than doubles when festival visitors and metal heads sweep into the small town. The festival has come a long way since it was first held as a party event for a few bands and their friends, then all the visitors and bands fitted into one bus. For the last years the festival has attracted various kinds of metal and other rock fans plus bands and staff a total of 2000-2500 attendees in 2016 and almost half from all parts of the world. The festival’s expansion has made it possible to offer world known bands. The first foreign bands played in 2009 and in 2010 the festival went to full blast with the appearance of one of the flagships of extreme metal, the British grind core band Napalm Death. Since then the aim has been high, for the last two years we have had many foreign bands including Behemoth, Kvelertak, Carcass, Opeth, Marduk, Melechesh, Pertubator and Meshuggah. This summer things will also be ambitious. Already announced are Neurosis, Bloodbath, Anaal Nathrakh, Dillinger Escape Plan and many more. We are proud of the Icelandic scene at the festival. The big three this year are Sólstafir, Dimma and Skálmöld, also we offer one of the best in Icelandic black metal, Misþyrming, Auðn and Zhrine that all have made a name for themselves around the world. The biggest focus is on heavy and hard part of the music scene but we show diversity by having indie and pop music from Iceland including the disco king Páll Óskar so every music lover should find something to see. Eistnaflug is a platform for music business people from around the world to meet and scout new bands. The festival is in cooperation with other Nordic festivals with a project called Nordic Metal Exchange which Eistnaflug (IS), Inferno (NO) and Black Christmas (SE) consist of. This platform and cooperation has given Icelandic bands the opportunity to play outside of Iceland and in some cases get a record deal. Every year the metalheads gather at the festival in celebration of the music and to have fun. It doesn’t matter how young or old they are, how they dress or look, they always find a common ground in the metal spirit and friendship at this friendly and brilliant festival where everybody knows your name.

11 July, 2018 to 14 July, 2018
Eistnaflug 740 Neskaupstaður
65° 31' 15.348" N, 13° 58' 28.5924" W
65° 8' 40.6716" N, 18° 11' 21.8832" E