Ecoles de Passages

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Passages is an international theatre festival, that takes place every two years, in the East of France since 1996. It is now an exciting event in Metz with 30 000 spectators at each edition. This festival welcomes shows, creations and orders from all countries and famous companies as well as emerging artists. In 2017 Passages will continue to bound the worlds and build bridges between people.
In 2018, Ecoles de Passages will welcome many international theater schools (from Russia, Tunisia, Burkina Faso...), present their current works, and exchange about their experiences.

1 June, 2018 to 9 June, 2018
Ecoles de Passages
10 rue des Trinitaires
57000 Metz 49° 7' 16.3272" N, 6° 10' 45.93" E