Dvorak Prague Festival

Dvorak Prague Festival
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The Dvorak Prague Festival is not only a celebration of a musical genius, Antonin Dvorak, the most esteemed Czech composer in the world, but also an important social event. It is a parade of topflight soloists, conductors, and internationally-renowned orchestras and chamber ensembles who come to Prague to present music by Dvorak and other composers of the world to an international audience. The festival's schedule is arranged into distinctive programming series – the Dvorak Collection, the Chamber Series, World-Class Orchestras, On the Trail of Dvorak, Debut Day, and the Spiritual Concert – devoting attention to Dvorak's whole bequest. Included in the programmes along with his most famous works are works from the first decade of his compositional output, giving listeners an opportunity to understand better how he developed as a composer, seeking and improving his style. All this in the context of his contemporaries, but also his predecessors and successors.

7 September, 2017
Dvorak Prague Festival
Palackeho 740/1
110 00 Prague 50° 4' 52.5648" N, 14° 25' 21.7056" E