DEFINE festival

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DEFINE festival presents innovative electronic / digital art in Sønderborg and across the border in cultural region SønderjyllandSchleswig. The festival started nine years ago (2009) as a small festival on one location in Sønderborg, namely Alsion Concert Hall, on campus University of Southern Denmarks location in Sønderborg. Now in 2017 DEFINE festival spread across the South region in Denmark and Sydschleswig in Germany and has partners on Funen and Zealand. DEFINE presents innovative art in a sparsely populated region where the citizens would otherwise have to travel to cities like Copenhagen and Hamburg to challenging art experiences. National and international artists of high quality are engaged. Examples over the years: Murcof (ES / MX), AntiVJ (BE, CH, FR, MX) Oval (DE), Simon Steen Andersen (DK), Christophe Charles (JP, FR). Teaching in primary school, workshops in high schools and colleges is held, and shows how new music technology develops musical life and give children the chance to evolve artistically. In addition to this, narrow art becomes accessible for children and adolescents. DEFINE festival has formed partnershops locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Locally eight cultural institutions including South Jutland Symphony Orchestra are involved in the festival programme. Regionally four colleges. Nationally, the three major festivals Roskilde festival, STRØM festival and Stella Polaris. DEFINE is also included within the Board of the nationwide genre organization SNYK. DEFINE festival involved in an extensive research project, initiated by Roskilde and POWER festival. The research project will identify the electronic art in Denmark with the intention to reinforce this new, extremely interesting genre. Internationally Kulturwerkstatt Kühlhaus, Fachhochschule Flensburg, artists from Sweden, Finland, France, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Japan. DEFINE festival has increased its importance significantly in the nine years, the festival has existed. Around the festival emerged an extensive network of partners. The festival acts as a catalyst for cooperation as partners create networks and contribute to the festival's content with the outcome of the networks' work. The program policy is to engage innovative, curious, venture experimental artists of high quality, but also with powerful audience kindness. The ambition with this program policy - (apart from the organizers burning interest in electronica and in exciting and innovative art) - to help the border region, Sønderjylland-Schleswig, external visibility as a culturally vibrant and exciting region. A cultural activity in this end of the scale attracts and keeps families with highly educated culture-using adults. Access to varied cultural is considered by many a valuable addition to the life-content and, together with education and services for young children, quality of housing and shopping, one of the parameters when choosing where to settle down as a family.

10 November, 2017 to 12 November, 2017
DEFINE festival
Sankt Jørgens Gade 1
6400 Sønderborg 54° 54' 38.3472" N, 9° 47' 16.3068" E