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"Cucka jeka" is a music festival based on a natural human need to return to our roots, remind ourselves of our true background, our beginnings and tradition whilst showing that the centre of the world can in fact be the hard-reaching point of Montenegrin rugged range if we just pour some true love and energy into it. The festival is being held in the mountain region of Montenegro, in the village with few households, called Kobilji Do. The first year (2011) the festival was visited by 5 000 people, in the second year 8 000 people and in the third year as many as 12 000 people from Montenegro and the region - Serbia, Croatia, BiH, Slovenia, Macedonia, Albania. This statistic shows that "Cucka jeka" erases the borders in the Balkans by linking different people. The festival program is rich and its aim is to preserve the traditions and ethno music. Participants: folklore society, gusle players, bagpipe players, drummers, avant-garde ensembles, modern pop and rock musicians, famous old bands but also less known and first time participants. A part of the program is dedicated to folk poetry and prose. This mixed program is attracting wide group of people, especially Western European audience who can connect with Balkan ethnos and culture through music and entertainment in one place.

12 August, 2017
X Hercegovacke brigade 11
85340 Herceg Novi 42° 27' 7.938" N, 18° 32' 10.8708" E