Break the Chain

Break the Chain
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Break the Chain (BtC) is an annual two-days collective social awareness festival organized in Athens-Greece since 2015 by Locomotiva in cooperation with elculture.gr, the most significant cultural portal in Greece, under the initiative of the National Rapporteur on combating Human Trafficking.
Break the Chain, through art, culture and education, aims to inform people that violations of human rights are both a cause and a consequence of human trafficking as well as motivate the public to participate in a social front that opposes the exploitation and trafficking of human beings. Through the core project message: “Do Not Stay Passive”, BtC, by engaging artists and actors, reach people of all ages and backgrounds: children and young people as future active citizens, adults who are not familiar with the realities of human trafficking, vulnerable groups as migrants and refugees and everyone who wishes to be opposed to this huge social problem of the contemporary world.
BtC brings people into a space in which different aspects of Human Trafficking will be presented and discussed, through a carefully designed series of performances, exhibitions, live art events, engaging the audience to undertake action against Trafficking in Human Beings.
BtC is communicated by elculture.gr that enriches its structure and content on a daily basis, organizes events, provides information and promotes culture.

7 October, 2017
Break the Chain
18 Miltiadou str Athens
10560 Athens
37° 58' 42.816" N, 23° 43' 42.672" E