Borgate dal vivo

Borgate dal vivo
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Borgate dal vivo (Villages Live), is a project of rebirth. The revival of the Alpine villages, the cultural redemption of a vast territory that is experiencing a strong return, demographic and economic, through cultural events. More precisely through a literary festival, which will cross the western italians Alps, from the sea to Cervo at the Matterhorn mountain peaks and that will lead the world in the townships and the villages which will open to the world. Borgate dal vivo is the first festival of Alpine villages. The purpose of this project is to promote the discovery, enhancement and recovery of these places through activities and cultural events. Often, in recent years the towns have drawn upon himself a new great interest and a valuable urban regeneration. Borgate dal vivo aims to contribute to their cultural redevelopment so that it may become the driving force for a new well-being in these places. Borgate dal vivo responds to the needs of a vast territory, rich in resources and beauty, which is winning his fight against the depopulation. Our events are aimed specifically both inhabitants of the Alpine villages comfort, both at a wider audience, with the advantage that bring together the existing realities in the territory; allow these wonderful places to be rediscovered. All sections will be concerted along to municipalities and local associations, so that they will be networked with existing events and reality, so as to enhance both. The network that we will create will be very important. From the institutional partners, the 25 municipalities, but most associations, libraries, Pro Loco. Not counting any of the project partners, we hope to have a partnership of at least 60 agencies, who will work with us, from the sea up to 2,000 meters above sea level, with only one purpose: to enhance the Alpine villages, encourage reading and use culture as an engine of social welfare and also economical

1 June, 2017
Borgate dal vivo
Via Salina 15
10053 Bussoleno 45° 8' 38.9508" N, 7° 8' 8.7972" E