Ars Sacra Festival

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Ars Sacra Festival presents the roots of European culture connected to the common Christian-Jewish cultural heritage. With the aid of art the festival illustrates the values of beauty, goodness and truth. „Don't be afraid!" (Jer 42:11) This is the motto of the 11. Ars Sacra Festival. You have the opportunity, to join this annual series of high level and free programmes organized in the 3rd week of September in close cooperation with the European Heritage Days.
We expect the participants to organize the activities at their own local communities, helped by volunteers and free. What we can offer is to highlight these programmes through our channels: advertising in a lot of Hungarian media, using our logo, so being a part of this one-week long sacral festival spread throughout Europe.

15 September, 2018 to 23 September, 2018
Ars Sacra Festival
Torockó u. 28.
1026 Budapest
47° 30' 54.8136" N, 19° 0' 12.1428" E