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A festival in a memorable ancient place,a festival which looks for a meaning of “Harmony of Art”, a space for the soul,where music, theatre, dance, legend and history wind together to achieve beautyness,in ethical, aesthetics, individual and collective terms.

a cultural activity, season of "harmony" between places and activities, including "classic" and "contemporary", reconciling diversity and contrasts typical of the southern italian identity, with an high profile and an international feel.
Pursue, through quality and innovation, the integration of actors and sectors strategy for a sustainable cultural development: a festival that warns whole responsibility role of a cultural actively that looks art also coming of strategic dialogue tool, compare and social development.

1. Focus key thematic cultural topics: artistic, social, anthropological
2. Special projects and side activities dedicated to the enhancement of the Scolacium park/ location of the festival
3. Great artists and young artists, international contexts and territorial values, traditional codes and innovative languages.
4. Artistic content keywords: multidisciplinary, intersections, young generations, involvemente, territory, distribution, production.

16TH EDITION IN 16 YEARS in an extraordinary location of great historical importance (Parco Archeologico Scolacium) on the mediterranean side, site of excellence in southern Italy; a colony of “Magna Graecia”, Roman and Norman settlement. It is located in a vast secular olive grove, on a small hill which leads down to the sea, 200 meters from the white sandy beach. Commodities, touristic attractions, airport and train station are 20 mins away.

Riccardo Muti, Zubin Mehta, Lorin Mazel, Josè Carreras, Svetlana Zacharova, Pat Metheny, Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea, Wynton Marsalis, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Lindsay Kemp, Joaquin Cortes, Noa, Stefano Bollani, Uto Ughi, Salvatore Accardo, Gigi Proietti, Giancarlo Giannini, Giorgio Albertazzi, Paolo Fresu and many more.

AUDIENCE: loyal audience, arriving expressly from other regions also.

VISIBILITY: national and International media.

PROMOTION AND INTEGRATED MARKETING: all standards and innovative methodologies

NETWORK AND PARTNERSHIP: public and private and network collaboration.

FUND RAISING and CROWDFUNDING: local and global.
• “In occasion of this important festival in this wonderful place, thanks to Chiara Giordano who built up the festival in last 14 years and I wish the best. I hope all will recognise the importance of music and art in these territories”. (RICCARDO MUTI)

• “I am very happy to participate in this important festival. We, professionals of classical music, really have to thank you for all you do!” (JOSÉ CARRERAS )
• “A particolar thank to Chiara Giordano for her eccellent capacity to organize and realise in this place which I didn’t imagine like that. I hope this festival will find the way to continue and to be sustained ever more”. (ZUBIN MEHTA)

• “I worked in some of the most prestigious scenarios of the world, but Armonied’arte Festival is very special! The Museum and the theater are a great source of inspiration for artistic creativity! Hurrah for Armonied’Arte!”

• “What wonderful place with friendly people! What wonderful festival!” (GILBERTO GIL)

• “I didn’t know this place but I will never forget my presence in Borgia! And that lady Chiara is one of the best professionals I have met in my long career ... lovely location and audience Magical!” (PAT METHENY)

• “I knew that Italy is a nation of Culture but play in an archaeological park as that of Roccelletta of Borgia is something I had never felt before in my life. Unforgettable, and I hope that Chiara will call me again in the next years”. (WYNTON MARSALIS)

• “Never give up! You are very important forthe future of this world! This was an unforgettable experience, we will not be the same after staying here! Thanks for what you do!” (WAYNE SHORTER)

• “In this place you breath history and beauty, all the luminance of this space, passion of staff and an exiting public make special everything. Wonderful”. (JOAQUIN CORTÉS)

• “Here art goes so much over the threes and to the sky. Thanks to everyone who make possible all of that…a festival here is worth to be forever”. (LORIN MAAZEL)

27 June, 2017
via Skylletion 1
88021 Borgia