Are You Series?

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ARE YOU SERIES? is an international TV series Festival celebrating the explosion of creativity in contemporary television series.

From December 14 to 19, the 5th edition of this festival will offer a journey through the golden age of television, with exclusive previews, binge screenings, encounters, debates and the invitation of a guest of honour (Chris Brancato, NARCOS showrunner in 2016).

Over six days, a wide range of popular and high-quality international series will alternate with in-depth encounters and discussions about the ART OF STORYTELLING.

Audiences will get to see the most innovative, powerful and unforgettable TV series of the year to come.

14 December, 2017 to 19 December, 2017
Are You Series?
BOZAR - Ravensteinstraat 23
1000 Brussels
50° 50' 37.5936" N, 4° 21' 35.2692" E