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The festival AFRICTIONS – CAPTURED BY DANCE presents contemporary dance from the African continent in Germany. Renowned and aspiring young artists from the Pan African dance scene, as well as especially initiated and funded bi-continental co-productions are shown in several cities. Realized with numerous local and international partners and framed by a broad supporting program, it offers a unique kaleidoscope of dance styles and subject matter, and intensifies transcultural dialogues. AFRICTIONS involves choreographers, dance companies, producers and institutions of two continents and many countries in various cooperations. As a touring festival, it opens diverse fields of reflection by presenting dance from several African cultures in networking German cities. For 2018, steptext's festival-makers developed an innovative production structure to further deepen the aspect of trans-continental collaborations between dance artists: THE CHOREONAUTS – AFRO-EUROPEAN NAVIGATIONS IN DANCE. The project will receive funding from the Kulturstiftung des Bundes and will be supported by the co-producing of several German theatres and festivals. About steptext: steptext dance project under the Artistic Direction of Helge Letonja is producing and presenting contemporary dance. It operates at Schwankhalle Bremen, a production space and venue of contemporary performing arts. steptext's choreographers collaborate with several, changing dancers and artists of different disciplines. The urban, regional and international network of partners has been continuously growing in the past 20 years. Consequently, the variety of opportunities to create, for presentations and aesthetic discourse has increased as well. Every year, multiple world premieres are being created, which are presented nationwide as well as internationally. steptext initiates, conseptualises, hosts und establishes cooperations, concepts for trainings and presentations, festivals, exchange programmes, residencies, speeches, discussions and workshops. People and ideas incite each other. Transcultural dialogues continue to evolve, inviting the audience to reflect and explore. www.steptext.de

c/o Schwankhalle, Buntentorsteinweg 112
28201 Bremen