Đakovo Embroidery

Đakovo Embroidery
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Đakovo Embroidery is a well known and established event of original folklore. The first Đakovo Embroidery Festival was held on 2 and 3 July 1967 as a touristic and cultural event marking the International Tourist Year. The Festival Đakovački vezovi is held annually in July. Its main focus is original folklore of Slavonia, Baranja and western Syrmia as well as other parts of Croatia and the accompanying events –various exhibitions, equestrian shows and other cultural and tourist events. The Festival is international with participants from around the world.The Đakovački vezovi Festival preserves the tradition of this region as well as other regions of Croatia and other countries (traditional costumes, folk dances, traditional hairstyling, horse breeding, and gastronomy).

10 June, 2017
Đakovo Embroidery
Kralja Tomislava 3
31400 Đakovo 45° 18' 36.5832" N, 18° 24' 38.7684" E