European Festivals Association

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The European Festivals Association (EFA) has been uniting distinguished music, dance, theatre and multidisciplinary arts festivals from Europe and beyond for more than 60 years. EFA’s members are the core element that make the Association an open, influential and international place for any festival that wants to be part of a bigger festival community.

One of the oldest cultural networks in Europe, EFA was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1952 as a joint initiative of the eminent conductor Igor Markevitch and the great philosopher Denis de Rougemont. Since its foundation, the Association has grown from 15 festivals into a dynamic network representing about 100 music, dance, theatre and multidisciplinary festivals, national festival associations and cultural organisations from 40 countries. Our new program EFFE - Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe, is EFA’s next step in its work to bring the necessity of arts and culture to society's attention

Thanks to EFA’s history and the continuous support of its members, EFA was chosen to implement the pilot project EFFE by the European Commission. The membership base served as the core of the platform, from many of EFA’s collective members at the national level taking part as Festival Hubs to individual member festivals leading applications and knowledge exchanges within their own individual countries. EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe could not have been realized without the strong support of:

Abu Dhabi Festival

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates • www.abudhabifestival.ae

Festival Aix-en-Provence

Aix-en-Provence, France • www.festival-aix.com

Ankara International Music Festival

Ankara, Turkey • www.ankarafestival.com

Turkish State Theatres

Ankara, Turkey • www.devtiyatro.gov.tr/iraf

Aspendos International Opera & Ballet Festival

Antalya, Turkey • www.aspendosfestival.gov.tr

Baalbeck International Festival

Baalbeck, Lebanon • www.baalbeck.org.lb

Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre

Batumi, Georgia • www.tbilisiinternational.com

Festival Mitte Europa

Bavaria-Bohemia-Saxony, Germany and Czech Republic • www.festival-mitte-europa.com

Al Bustan Festival

Beirut, Lebanon • www.albustanfestival.com

Beirut Chants Festival

Beirut, Lebanon • www.beirutchants.com

Beiteddine Art Festival

Beirut, Lebanon • www.beiteddine.org

Berliner Festspiele

Berlin, Germany • www.berlinerfestspiele.de

D-Marin Turgutreis International Festival of Classical Music

Bodrum, Turkey • www.dmarinfestival.com

Bratislava Music Festival

Bratislava, Slovakia • www.bhsfestival.sk

Festival Pianistico Internazionale di Brescia e Bergamo

Brescia-Bergamo, Italy • www.festivalpianistico.it

Brno International Music Festival

Brno, Czech Republic • www.mhf-brno.cz


Brussels, Belgium • www.bozar.be

Europalia Arts Festival

Brussels, Belgium • www.europalia.eu

George Enescu International Festival and Competition

Bucharest, Romania • www.festivalenescu.ro

Festival SoNoRo

Bucharest, Romania • www.sonoro.ro

Budapest Spring Festival

Budapest, Hungary • www.festivalcity.hu

Festival de Musica de Canarias

Canary Islands, Spain • www.festivaldecanarias.com

Festival Internacional de Musica de Cantonigros

Cantonigros and Vic, Spain • www.fimc.es


Cividale del Fruili, Italy • www.mittelfest.org

Semana de Musica Religiosa de Cuenca

Cuenca, Spain • www.smrcuenca.es

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Dubrovnik, Croatia • www.dubrovnik-festival.hr

Edinburgh International Festival

Edinburgh, United Kingdom • www.eif.co.uk

Emilia Romagna Festival

Emilia Romagna region, Italy • www.erfestival.org

Estoril Lisbon Festival

Estoril, Portugal • www.festorilisbon.com

Flanders Festival

Flanders, Belgium • www.festival.be

National Arts Festival Grahamstown

Grahamstown, South Africa • www.nationalartsfestival.co.za

Gstaad Menuhin Festival

Gstaad, Switzerland • www.gstaadmenuhinfestival.ch

Audi Sommerkonzerte

Ingolstadt, Germany • www.sommerkonzerte.de



Istanbul Music Festival

Istanbul, Turkey • www.iksv.org/muzik

International Izmir Festival

Izmir, Turkey • www.iksev.org

Music Isle Festival in Jeju

Jeju, Republic of Korea • www.eapo.kr

Israel Festival, Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel • www.israel-festival.org.il

Ljubljana Festival

Ljubljana, Slovenia • www.ljubljanafestival.si

BBC Proms

London, United Kingdom • www.bbc.co.uk/proms

Lucerne Festival

Lucerne, Switzerland • www.lucernefestival.ch

Festival della Valle d’Itria

Martina Franca, Italy • www.festivaldellavalleditria.it

sudtirol classic festival – Meraner Musikwochen

Merano, Italy • www.meranofestival.com

Mersin International Music Festival

Mersin, Turkey • www.merfest.org

MITO SettembreMusica

Milan/Turin, Italy • www.mitosettembremusica.it

Mosel Musikfestival

Mosel region, Germany • www.moselmusikfestival.de

The Spring of Mostar

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina • www.maticahrvatska-mostar.ba

A. Sakharov International Art Festival

Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation • www.sakharov.innov.ru

Ohrid Summer Festival

Ohrid, Macedonia • www.ohridsummer.com.mk

Choregies d’Orange

Orange, France • www.choregies.fr

International Music Festival Janaček May

Ostrava, Czech Republic • www.janackuvmaj.cz

Festival d’Automne a Paris

Paris, France • www.festival-automne.com

Pavia Barocca

Pavia, Italy • www.paviabarocca.it

Festival Castell de Peralada

Peralada, Spain • www.festivalperalada.com

International Music Festival A Tempo

Podgorica, Montenegro • www.muzickicentar.com/a-tempo

Prague Spring International Music Festival

Prague, Czech Republic • www.festival.cz

Ravenna Festival

Ravenna, Italy • www.ravennafestival.org

Reykjavik Arts Festival

Reykjavik, Iceland • www.listahatid.is

Rheingau Musik Festival

Rheingau region, Germany • www.rheingau-musik-festival.de

Riga Festival

Riga, Latvia • www.rigasfestivals.lv

March Music Days International Festival

Ruse, Bulgaria • www.marchmusicdays.eu

Festival of Classical Ballet after Alla Shelest

Samara, Russian Federation • www.opera-samara.net

International Festival Sarajevo Winter

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina • www.sarajevskazmina.ba

Sion Festival

Sion, Switzerland • www.sion-festival.ch

Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi

Sochi, Russian Federation • www.wiafs.ru

Music Festival Stars of the White Nights

St Petersburg, Russian Federation • www.mariinsky.ru

Stresa Festival

Stresa, Italy • www.stresafestival.eu

Batumi MusicFest

Tbilisi, Georgia • www.batumifest.ge

European Festival of Performing Arts Timisoara – New Romanian

Drama Festival

Timisoara, Romania • www.tntimisoara.com

Festival Internacional de Musica y Danza “Ciudad de Ubeda”

Ubeda, Spain • www.festivaldeubeda.com

Usedom Music Festival

Usedom, Germany • www.usedomer-musikfestival.de

Malta Arts Festival

Valletta, Malta • www.maltaartsfestival.org

Varna Summer International Music Festival

Varna, Bulgaria • www.varnasummerfest.org

Settimane Musicali al Teatro Olimpico

Vicenza, Italy • www.olimpico.vicenza.it

Vilnius Festival

Vilnius, Lithuania • www.filharmonija.lt

Festival de Wallonie

Wallonia, Belgium • www.festivaldewallonie.be

Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival

Warsaw, Poland • www.beethoven.org.pl

Festival de Wiltz

Wiltz, Luxembourg • www.festivalwiltz.lu

International Festival Wratislavia Cantans

Wroclaw, Poland • www.wratislaviacantans.pl

Yerevan Perspectives International Music Festival

Yerevan, Republic of Armenia • www.yerevanfestival.am

Music Biennale Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia • www.mbz.hr

Collective and Associate Members

Federation of Music Festivals in Flanders

Belgium • www.fmiv.be

Bulgarian Festivals Association

Bulgaria • www.bfa.bg

Czech Music Festival Association

Czech Republic • www.czech-festivals.cz

Estonian Music Festivals

Estonia • www.festivals.ee

European Early Music Network

Europe • www.rema-eemn.net

Finland Festivals

Finland • www.festivals.fi

France Festivals

France • www.francefestivals.com

Association of Irish Festival Events

Ireland • www.aoifeonline.com


Italy • www.italiafestival.it

Rotterdam Festivals

Netherlands • www.rotterdamfestivals.nl

Norway Festivals

Norway • www.norwayfestivals.com

Serbian Festivals Association


Spanish Association of Classical Music Festivals

Spain • www.festclasica.com

Swedish Music Festivals

Sweden • www.musikfestivaler.se


Switzerland • www.swissfestivals.org