Bábkarská Bystrica Tour, Double Impulse

24 September, 2018

The International Festival of Contemporary Puppet Theatre for Children and Adults, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. The main organizer: Bábkové divadlo na Rázcestí [The Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads], Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.

ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival

25 September, 2018

Participation, dialogue and exchange: ANTI works with innovative artists on projects that explore and explode urban space. ANTI began life in 2002.

Festival de Sintra

Festival de Sintra

28 September, 2018

Since 1957 Sintra has received musicians from all over the world. This festival apart classical music since 2003 has another art the dance!

Festival Circolo

12 October, 2018

Circo Circolo is a biennial 10-day festival that shows international developments in contemporary circus.

Mantova Chamber Music Festival

30 May, 2019

MANTOVA CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL 5th edition : 31st – 4th June 2017 Palazzo Ducale / Basilica di Santa Barbara / Palazzo Te / Rotonda di San Lorenzo / Teatro Bibiena / Palazzo Della Ragione / and many others The Mantova Chamber Musi

Festival of Wonder

Festival of Wonder

7 November, 2019

FESTIVAL OF WONDER: Silkeborg International Festival of Puppet- Object, and Visual Theatre Denmark present theatre for adults, for children, films, exhibitions, workshops, masterclasses, and backstage talks.