Mladi Ladi Jazz

2 April, 2017

Mladí Ladí Jazz is an international jazz festival following the jazz music tradition in the Czech environment, aiming to revive and root again within the Czech society. (The czech name means Youth Tunes Jazz.) The main goal of the festival is to attract a young audience back to jazz music.

"Yerevan Perspectives" International Music Festival

3 April, 2017

"Yerevan Perspectives" International Music Festival in recognized worldwide for its highest artistic level and pioneering activity.

Ankara International Music Festival

4 April, 2017

The International Ankara Music Festival became a member of EFA in 1993 and was run under the auspices of the President for the first time in 1994.

International Music Festival "A Tempo"

4 April, 2017

The International Music Festival "A Tempo" is the festivity that promotes classical music for several days of duration in the capital city. Montenegrin and foreign soloists take part in at this festival. This festival has been an EFA member since 2011.

Independent Days|International Filmfest

Independent Days|International Filmfest

5 April, 2017

The Independent Days|International Filmfest screens independent films from all around the world, focusing on productions from Europe. We are mainly showing short films – as the most important medium for independent film production –, but also feature films and documentaries.

International Tourism Film Festival - Bulgaria "On The East Coast Of Europe"

International Tourism Film Festival "On the East Coast of Europe"

6 April, 2017

The International Tourism Film Festival “On the East Coast of Europe” (ITTF) is a festival for video films promoting the world’s tourist destinations. The mission of the ITFF is to promote professional tourism film production and to popularize leading trends in modern audiovisual practice.



7 April, 2017

Dedicated to Claudio Monteverdi, the greatest local composer, the Festival explores the musical world of the seventeenth century. Its peculiarity makes it the symbol of the cultural image of Cremona outside local edges.

Misteria Paschalia Early Music Festival

10 April, 2017

The Misteria Paschalia Festival, a trademark of Krakow as a city of early music, is one of Europe’s most important events focusing on Renaissance and Baroque music.

Actus Humanus

12 April, 2017

The goal of the Actus Humanus Festival is to present early music pieces linked to the Christmas season as well as the most important masterpieces interpreted by top international representatives of historically informed performance.

Bella Skyway Festival

Bella Skyway Festival

12 April, 2017

The Festival, which is held every year since 2009 and provides a unique combination of beauty, architecture, art, light and scientific, mainly astronomical, inspirations — is the largest outdoor cultural event in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region and one of the most highly rated cultural events by th