International Festival of Contemporary Circus and Theatre LETNI LETNA Prague

15 August, 2018

Since its founding in 2004, the festival Letní Letná presented 1,477 shows that were attended by the overall number of 324,000 spectators.

Routes in Marpissa

24 August, 2018

Routes in Marpissa is a 3-day, experiential, cultural festival organized by a group of volunteers and takes place every August in Marpissa on the island of Paros, Cyclades.

TRC ZigurFest

29 August, 2018

TRC ZigurFest is a modern Portuguese music festival that takes place in August in Lamego. It arose from a challenge made by the Ribeiro Conceição Theater team to ZigurArtists: to create a professedly alternative programme that would draw the attention of the city’s younger audiences.

MAGfestival, International Chamber Music Festival

30 August, 2018

MAGfestival is a chamber music festival that combines musical and visual experiences. It is held in the magnificent Gothic hall of the Split City Museum, situated within Diocletian’s palace in the city center.

Fira de Teatre al Carrer de Tàrrega

6 September, 2018

Fira de Teatre al Carrer de Tàrrega – FiraTàrrega – is an international market for performing arts during the 2nd weekend in September.

Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF)

10 September, 2018

Stockholm Fringe Festival is Sweden’s edition of the global Fringe phenomenon. Its core goal is to elevate, empower and promote emerging artists but also to give space to established professionals who produce innovative work across all arts genres.


14 September, 2018

The journey of Captain Matamoros is a festival with the objective is the valorizing historical and monumental sites of Naples using the theatre genre that much represents the city in the world: Commedia dell’Arte.

Ars Sacra Festival

15 September, 2018

Ars Sacra Festival presents the roots of European culture connected to the common Christian-Jewish cultural heritage. With the aid of art the festival illustrates the values of beauty, goodness and truth. „Don't be afraid!" (Jer 42:11) This is the motto of the 11. Ars Sacra Festival.

LUMINA Light Festival

21 September, 2018

LUMINA Light Festival takes place in Cascais, Portugal, for 3 days in September, attracting more than 450.000 visitors.

ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival

25 September, 2018

Participation, dialogue and exchange: ANTI works with innovative artists on projects that explore and explode urban space. ANTI began life in 2002.