Piraeus Sinfonia Festival

1 January, 2015

Piraeus Sinfonia Festival is a modern, dynamic and pioneering festival newly established in Attica putting Piraeus and the islands of the Saronic Gulf on the international cultural map.

Mikkeli Amateur Theatre Festival

Mikkeli Amateur Theatre Festival

30 January, 2015

The Mikkeli Amateur Theatre Festival is the largest of its kind in Finland and takes place annually over 3 days in late January. Each year between 10 and 15 Finnish and up to 3 foreign theatre groups are selected to participate in the free entry festival.

Beeld voor Beeld, International Documentary Film Festival on Cultural Diversity

Beeld voor Beeld International Documentary Film Festival on Cultural Diversity

11 February, 2015

Beeld voor Beeld – “Image by Image” – is a documentary film festival concerned with cultural diversity. Rooted in visual anthropology, the festival screens documentaries on various subcultures, with discussions and seminars.


Karlovac Dance Festival

12 February, 2015

The Karlovac Dance Festival offers a forum to collaborate and share dance knowledge to foster the development of contemporary dance in Karlovac. The project aims to support and enrich social, cultural, creative and educational values in order to inspire people in different ways through dance.

BIG BANG – adventurous music festival for young audiences

14 February, 2015

BIG BANG is an adventurous music festival for young audiences (4–12 years) created by Belgium’s Zonzo Compagnie. In 9 major European cultural centres venues are transformed into a musical labyrinth for a colourful programme of concerts, installations and workshops.

Concert Season of Subotica

ELECTE Subotica

27 February, 2015

The city of Subotica has one of the longest traditions of nurturing culture in this part of Europe. ELECTE Subotica plays a key role in complementing and supporting the regional artistic scene by making music more accessible to the public with a balanced programme of high quality concerts.

Videonale - Festival for Contemporary Video Art


27 February, 2015

Videonale, founded in Bonn in 1984, is an international platform for video art and time-based art forms. The biennial festival focuses particularly on the promotion of aspiring young artists.

Gaulitana: A Festival of Music

Gaulitana: A Festival of Music

1 March, 2015

The Gozo-based springtime music festival Gaulitana, now in its 9th edition, consists of over 20 events in various genres – from opera to chamber, sacred to secular, instrumental to vocal, jazz to folk.

Spring Organ Series

Spring Organ Series

1 March, 2015

Spring Organ Series has been held since 2004, presenting organ concerts, either solo or in combination with other instruments, at St Paul’s Anglican Church, founded in 1838 in central Athens.

SICK! Festival

2 March, 2015

SICK! Festival confronts the challenges of life and death and how we survive them (or don’t). The festival bears witness to the physical, mental and social realities of our lives, shining a light on urgent issues that often remain misunderstood or taboo.