Application FAQs

How do you define festival in the EFFE Platform?

The eligibility criteria for a festival to be considered for the EFFE Festival Label are defined in the EFFE Guidelines. In EFFE, festivals are defined as an activity or series of events that has its primary focus on the development, presentation and/or participation in the arts and culture; that has a programme conceived, produced, curated, marketed and presented as an integrated package; that occurs within a defined area/region and within a defined period of time. This is a general definition and is not binding for participation in the programme. All applicants who see themselves as festivals that meet the criteria are invited to apply.

Are only specific genres of festivals eligible?

Yes, following genres in the cultural field are eligible: Architecture, Circus, Dance, Design, Applied arts, Digital arts, Film, Heritage, Music, Literature, Opera, Photography, Spoken word, Storytelling, Street arts, Theatre, Visual arts
When in doubt, please contact info@effe.eu

Is there a criteria stipulating a minimum amount of audience members for a festival to be eligible?

In the application form, festivals will have the chance to explain their achievements and motivations in these fields, including making a reference to their audience development strategy. Further explanation on each of the criteria is given in the application form.

Is there an application fee?

An administrative fee of €80 is charged to partly cover the operational costs. The EFFE Label and Award winners will never be asked for contributions to be included on the EFFE website or the EFFE publications, the international media campaign, or other.

Is the EFFE Label an official certificate recognised by any official bodies?

Festivals receiving the EFFE Label are recognised for fulfilling the values of the European Union’s Preparatory Action, EFA and the EU are working to establish an official EU Festival Award and Label with this programme.

Is there a national maximum for festivals to receive the EFFE Label?

No, the scope of this programme is broad: it aims to include as many festivals that represent the three criteria of this programme. Applicant festivals are evaluated by independent national experts, organised by the EFFE Hubs across all participating countries and endorsed by the EFFE International Jury. The results will reflect the overall aims of EFFE to celebrate Europe’s diverse festivals.

Which countries are eligible?

All countries which are eligible to take part in the Creative Europe programme, are eligible for the EFFE Label and Award: 28 EU Member States, Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Israel.

What languages will the application be offered/accepted in?

Applications will be offered and must be submitted in English.

If my festival receives the EFFE Label in 2017, do we have to re-apply each subsequent round?

Yes. All festivals must reapply in each EFFE edition to be reconsidered for the EFFE Label, meaning every 2 years festivals can reapply.

Can festivals request to see their evaluations?

Festivals that apply receive the results of their application in April 2017. These results are final. Festivals will be able to request their evaluation.