EFFE Label 2017-2018 - Application overview

Festivals come in all shapes and sizes. EFFE primarily considers festivals a cultural event that takes place in a specific place, over a specific period, and that are conceived as a total package. This is a loose definition and all festivals that think they represent the criteria are welcome to apply! Visit the guidelines for more details.

How to Apply:

The application is simple and easy.

In the first section, you will be asked to provide your festival’s basic information, for example your address and contact details, as well as a short description of your festival in 500 characters or less. Following this basic information, you will be asked to show your commitment to the core values of the EFFE Label. In this section you have 3.000 characters for each of these 3 core questions

1. Describe how the festival contributes to the advancement of artistic excellence and innovative approaches. The category of Artistic Commitment and Innovative Approaches is meant to determine the festival’s commitment to the arts, artistic development and value, in particular fostering the development of emerging talent through the inclusion of new artists in the programme. Elements considered as important in this area include:

  • sustaining strong relationships with artists and creators
  • developing contemporary creations
  • providing the opportunity for innovative artists and creators to create or to be presented
  • developing an audience open to experimentation and avant-garde artistic creations
  • planning to set up new actions in the future to increase artistic commitment and innovative approaches
  • supporting on-going artistic development (residencies etc.)
  • taking part in co-productions with other festivals or artistic practitioners

2. Describe how the festival involves/benefits the community. The category of Community Involvement is meant to determine the festival’s commitment to rooting itself in its community, at the local and global scale, with particular emphasis to contribute to greater audience development through extensive use of information and communication technologies and innovative approaches, including the development of new business models through new approaches to funding, production and management. Elements considered as important in this area include:

  • rooting the festival in its local community and contributing to the identity or brand of the city
  • including local connections in the programme and among the performers/performances
  • working to increase access to culture and attract a diverse audience (can refer to: socio-economic, age, gender, culture)
  • broadening creative skills of its audience
  • fostering the talents and competences of its audience and artists
  • including interactive/participatory community projects
  • building up an engaged and sustained network of audience, artists, and supporters (Local NGOs, volunteers, businesses, government, etc.) with particular attention to new forms of sustainable, varied funding models
  • organising educational activities
  • planning to increase the importance of the community involvement

3. Describe how your festival engages on the European and International stages. The category of European and International Engagement is meant to determine the festival’s en­gagement to developing and promoting positive values at the European and international level. Elements that will be considered as highly important in this area include:

  • engaging in the European and international communities through the artistic programme by stimulating the transnational mobility of artists through an international programming
  • raising awareness of European values towards a broad public in collaboration with its artists and audience
  • focusing on a topic high on the agenda of Europe, e.g. the European Year of Cultural heritage 2018
  • shaping, promoting and increasing intercultural competences of citizens and helping to deconstruct stereotypes and stigmas
  • planning to increase the European and international engagement
  • collaborating with partners from the artistic fields from other countries – inside the European Union, but also with actors outside the EU
  • including programmed creations coming from other countries, including co-productions with local or national artists in an international co-production in the festival’s programme

Evaluation Process:

  • EFEF Hub Experts will evaluate the digital festival applications.
  • The deadline for applications is 17 February 2017.
  • EFFE Hub Experts will finish their evaluations in March 2017.
  • By 21 April, Label recipients will be contacted with the result of their application.

More questions? Have a look at the FAQs or contact info@effe.eu or your EFFE Hub.